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So, if you want an excuse to get out of your fifth fall foliage Instagram photoshoot of the season, here’s everything coming to Amazon Prime Canada in October 2018, including Prime Video originals Synopsis: Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies, Tin Star tells the story of a former British detective who brings his family to the tiny, tranquil town of Little Big Bear for a better life.But when his small town is overrun by migrant workers from a massive new oil refinery, the wave of organized crime that follows them threatens to sweep away everything in its wake and dig up the past.Under Mr Assange's leadership, Wiki Leaks has dumped tens of thousands of private and classified files into the public domain, embarrassing both the Bush and Obama administrations, as well as Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.The documents leaked include 400,000 classified files about the war in Iraq; 250,000 sensitive diplomatic cables from the US State Department; and emails held by Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta.The hybrid, six-episode series will continue to feature narration, archive footage and animation to complement the filmed segments.Synopsis: For the first time in franchise history, the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions.explores the real-life frightening and disturbing tales that give rise to modern-day myths and legends.Season 2, from showrunner Sean Crouch (The Exorcist, Numb3rs), features new tales from the award-winning podcast, as well as original stories not yet available in podcast form.

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But amid reports his eviction is imminent, the ABC's daily news podcast The Signal has been investigating what will happen when Mr Assange's time in the embassy runs out.In April, US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions indicated he would consider laying criminal charges."We are going to step up our efforts and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks," Mr Sessions said."We will seek to put some people in jail."If the US were to charge Mr Assange with spying offences, it would then fall to a court in the United Kingdom to determine whether or not to extradite him across the Atlantic.Success in making computer program 'like a date' that create by billy and Adam did not make Adam feels satisfied so he decided to create his own program. See full summary » Documentary series that reveals all that is behind the word "hacker".Speaking to the Signal podcast, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and founder of The Intercept website Glenn Greenwald said he had no doubt Mr Assange's eviction was imminent.Greenwald has been in contact with Mr Assange's lawyers as well as the Ecuadorian government in recent weeks, and tells The Signal Ecuador has been under pressure for months from Spain, the UK and the US over Mr Assange's situation."Lenin Moreno has signalled that he's ready to finalise an agreement to hand over Assange and withdraw asylum."Ironically, I think the one impediment is that Julian was granted Ecuadorian citizenship as a way of trying to solve this problem."But that has now become an impediment, because there is a bar in the Ecuadorian-UK extradition treaty about turning citizens over."So now they're thinking about trying to retroactively rescind his citizenship, and they're just working out these final details."Asked when he thought it likely Mr Assange would be evicted, Greenwald estimated it was a matter of weeks.

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