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Rory's consciousness tries to fight his programming, but he is compelled to shoot and kill her.Amy's body is kept alive in the Pandorica, a special prison intended to trap the Doctor. The Doctor realises that Amy is connected to the cracks in the universe which originated from a temporal explosion on her wedding day.He tells her that her parents had been erased by the crack in her wall and urges her to remember them.After he uses the Pandorica to reboot the universe, the Doctor travels back through his timeline and is able to plant memories in Amy of the TARDIS.They receive an anonymous invitation to the Utah desert where they reunite with the Doctor —now aged nearly two hundred years since they have last met —and fellow invitee River Song.Amy witnesses the Doctor's death at the hand of an astronaut in an Apollo space suit, but they discover the Doctor also invited a younger version of himself, with whom they travel to 1969 Washington, D. to investigate strange occurrences involving the Silence, an alien race who cannot be remembered after they are encountered.

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In "The God Complex", the Doctor breaks Amy's faith in him after he discovers that they are trapped in a prison for a being that kills by feeding on faith.At the conclusion of that episode, not wanting to risk their lives further, he parts ways with her and Rory after giving them a house and car.Series finale "The Wedding of River Song" depicts an alternate universe created by River refusing to kill the Doctor in Utah, as previously shown.In the present, Mels hijacks the TARDIS and directs it to 1939 where she is shot by Hitler (Albert Welling) and regenerates into River Song, revealing that Amy had grown up alongside her daughter, who was trained by the Silence to kill the Doctor.Amy is later persuaded by the Doctor to let her adult daughter make her own way in life.

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