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She appeared in the SYFY TV series, Destination Truth, as a producer and team member from the second season to its final season.

In 2012, she produced the Nat Geo series, Chasing UFOs, where she and her team would investigate UFO activity across the USA.

Footage from the show is usually edited from an entertainment perspective that relies on "suspense building mechanisms" such as brief segments involving team members becoming agitated or startled, asserting they have seen or heard something of interest and then followed by a sudden cut to a commercial break.

Conclusion of what happened is then revealed after the break.

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Any evidence gathered is then sent to independent experts, generally laboratories or academics in the United States, for further analysis. Typically, Gates' team members split up into two or more groups to survey an area using night vision and thermal imaging cameras.

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But the rumors vanished after Josh tied the knot with Hallie Gnatovich on September 13, 2014.

Though she posts multiple pictures of herself with Brian Leavell, we can assume that she is happily single and is traveling the world by herself.

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