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Many of the GLCF members...particularly a guy named Kevin or Bootman LA, bashed us and me personally (I had harmed the gay community by getting our AOL account cancelled for standing up for the gay community) and supported AOL's right to censor gay people because they "had the right to regulate their content, just like a newspaper." I needed to learn to accept authority and follow rules.

I did meet one hot married guy who I hooked up with once. " A lively discussion ensued about whether I was being homophobic or anti-goy. AOL was ruined when it went to version 3.0, that's when it became "streamlined" with the internet.

As AOL migrated to a non paying mode and the GLCF was no longer paid to be on AOL it migrated to on Q, trying to build a business model that could survive without infusions of cash directly from AOL . The software would block creation of a chat room "Gay teen chat" but you COULD create a room called "Teen fag bashers." AOL also regularly deleted profiles containing "sexually oriented" content such as "gay white male" while straight men were allowed to list in THEIR profiles how they were "well endowed" and how skillfully they could please women with their tongues, etc.

failing that on Q was eventually actuired (asset sale) by Planet Out, which may or may not exist any longer . We actually lived a couple thousand miles away from each other and kept in touch through AOL and e-mail for several years before finally meeting. Neither of us knew how to scan a pic and send it to each other, so we just mailed pictures. Back when AOL as a novelty, a friend and I used to go into chatrooms with names like "Born Again" and "Christians."One night, he pretended to be a teenager girl who had just found out she was pregnant. We received complaints about how AOL was very phobic about not allowing chat areas for gay teens and trans-people.

I used the "NYC M4M Companions" room and its variants for several years in the early noughts.

AOL was past its prime, but the chat rooms were still active.

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