Palynology sex

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From the settling down of agricultural peoples in places where they could depend upon adequate food supplies came the first villages and the earliest civilizations.

Because of the long preoccupation of man with plants, a large body of folklore, general information, and actual scientific data has accumulated, which has become the basis for the science of botany.

They have developed surprisingly sophisticated systems of nomenclature and generic and specific names) found in modern biology.

The increasing objectivity and originality of herbals through the decades is clearly reflected in the improved quality of the woodcuts prepared to illustrate these books.

Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher who studied first with Plato and then became a disciple of Aristotle, is credited with founding botany.

Only two of an estimated 200 botanical treatises written by him are known to science: originally written in Greek about 300 .

In time plants were not only collected by primitive man but also grown by him.

This domestication resulted not only in the development of agriculture but also in a greater stability of human populations that had previously been nomadic.

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