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Season 3, Episode 5December 14, 2008Miley accepts a date with a cute guy who is considerably shorter than she is, but she ruins their evening by inadvertently referring to the difference in their height.

At home, Jackson and Robby try to impress their neighbor so he will write a letter of recommendation to help get Jackson accepted to Robby's alma mater.

we were gonna target toward latin community, largest hispanic community...

sponsored an event with one of my latina friend and community loved it... we finished this site but have not launched yet, one of few niche markets that can explode with a little press, publicity, and tattoo contest for tattoo enthusiasts... we will be the first to have this, none out there with our capability..

hello there , the case that I want to ask for is ,with using the web client I depolyed the Example project which is existed in citect scada v6 , It works fine in both server and client side, knowing that it is using internal disk for communication , BUT in my project I use External IO device , is that effect the status of the PLC Tags which I need to display there status :rolleyes:??

So any one can help me in this problem and tell me the reson which cause it ??

Proprietary source codes are available for purchase.

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Season 3, Episode 7February 16, 2009Miley, as Hannah, purposely blows a movie audition with director Rob Reiner to make Oliver feel better about not getting into a band; Jackson uses Rico as his ventriloquist dummy at a birthday party after Rico destroys the original puppet.

Season 3, Episode 8March 1, 2009Hannah makes a disparaging comment about carrots on a TV show, so her fans stop eating them.

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