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Most of you haven’t even tried to ask them out for a date?

Yes, it would be more challenging if they actually become your potential target for marriage but how many marriages on earth go as smooth as the fairy tales?

And, some of you do not want have issues with your parents back home in Malaysia because they would think that you might end up marrying a white girl who they cannot speak Chinese, Tamil or Malay with. One, admitting that you are attracted to white girls and dating white girls does not make you a player.

Even many of the white girls still have the desire that you might be the one for them.

White guys, on the other hand, love to date Asian/Malaysian women and can.

Maybe there are a few minority of us are genuinely not attracted to any Caucasian girls but it is a myth for most of us are actually inexperienced dating with white girls.

In fact, if you are dating a white girl, it actually makes you far more attractive as a man than most of your Malaysian friends because now you have a broader dating option.

Just imagine yourself to have that option of dating not only Malaysian woman, wouldn’t you have more confidence as well in general, as a man?

If you are a Malaysian guy studying in a country with majority Caucasian, this post is specially written for you.

🙂 Come on, Malaysian guys, let us be honest to ourselves that you have the desire to date white girls.

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