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The North Thompson picks up the Clearwater River at the town of Clearwater.The Clearwater, the North Thompson's largest tributary, drains much of Wells Gray Provincial Park.For most of its length, the river is paralleled by Highway 5, and the Canadian National Railway (both of which cross the river a couple times).The North Thompson passes by several small communities, the most notable being Blue River, Clearwater & Barriere.

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Recreational use of the river includes whitewater rafting and angling.The lake stretched from Spences Bridge in the west to the eastern reaches of Shuswap Lake, as well as far up the northern reaches of the North Thompson river valley.The last large glacial lake, Lake Deadman, was drained by a catastrophic ice dam failure, called a jökulhlaup, in about 10,000 BCE.The South Thompson originates at the outlet of Little Shuswap Lake at the town of Chase and flows approximately 55 kilometres (34 mi) southwest through a wide valley to Kamloops where it joins the North Thompson.Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway and the mainline of the Canadian Pacific Railway parallel the river.

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