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Check the "Use the Following IP address" checkbox and enter your desired IP address.

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Seems we all still have a lot to learn from each other.static IP, that is; a static IP for your whole internet connexion; see the notes at the foot of the article for more details, and also this post.An IP address is like a telephone number that any computer can use to find any other computer in a network. Most have a static ip, that is, they don't change (for instance, at the time of writing, Google is into your browser will take you straight to Google. "external IP" (one of them), behind their NAT are probably thousands of separate machines, each with different "private" IP's (probably static, or more likely a mix of dynamic and static IP's), from your gateway device (router), via dhcp, In other words, the router supplies a private IP address for your computer to use, temporarily (your router is probably doing NAT, too, and needs your computer to have an IP address, so it knows where to send .This probably isn't necessary, most Linux users know how to alter this stuff, but I suspect one or two may not.Usually you need to edit some plain text file (as root).

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