Egyptian dating customs

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If you translate the Famine Text and do not see Mountains – then substitute Dr. However, the Famine Text is the only Document that we have that shows Imhotep was part of the Mysteries, that the “souls of re” was the sacred books. My arms are around you, To steady your body, To safeguard your limbs.

I bestow on you stones upon stones, That were not found before, Of which no work was made, For building temples, Rebuilding ruins, Inlaying statues’ eyes.

The four pairs are Amen/Amenet, Nu, Nunet, Kh/Kheket, He, Hehet. A second major part of the Secret of the Ankh is from those who have restored the Diety Amun/Amen. This is the symbol largely known as the mystery symbol .

Central to this is a large body of evidence coming from the Nwst Ankh Tut Amun or Amun Tut Ankh. What we no is that it is the Pharoah’s Amun Tut Ankh’s other name. The 25 Dynasty Nwst Pi Ankh yy has Ankh in his name. The close proximity in names of the Nwsts and their missions to restore Amen are hardly coincidental at all. Lastly the important of Jerbel Barkal-One can argue that Egypt/Kemet created the various Cosmologies – Hermopolis or Khemnu/Heliopolis or An – or Memphite/Shabaqa both Kemet and Nubia point to each other. The Egyptians being so different as others say – would not have the home of its most important deity in an enemy territory.

I make you a gift of your western shore by the mountain of the dusk and your eastern shore by the mountain of dawn, from Elephantine to ……

In addition, Hapy – the Nile God originates in Nubia to, as a matter of fact all things do. Ben’s famous line “We come from the Mountains of the Moon where the God Hapy Dwelt” comes from this passage and not the Hunefer papyrus. Ben is stylized – but is accurate to the extent that in Nubia is the Amun Temple which is an Origin Place. Ben has never said that he translated the text that he read himself – the translation that he read from may not have been precise. Ben has been in Egypt of 60 years – the Mdu Ntr is growing and translations are getting more accurate or at least their are more variations.Until that Point, Cosmology is the Key and the Secret of the Ankh aides in this.Using the Secret of the Ankh Paradigm – which is really looking at Kmt Cosmologically we can now see over 11,000 years of Ancient Egypt.He has reckoned the land of the South and the North, To give parts to every god; It is he who governs barley, [emmer], Fowl and fish and all one lives on. His temple opens southeastward, Re rises in its face every day; Its water rages on its south for an , A wall against the Nubians each day.Cord and scribal board are there, The pole is there with its beam. There is a mountain massif in its eastern region, With precious stones and quarry stones of all kinds, All the things sought for building temples In Egypt, South and North, And stalls for sacred animals, And palaces for kings, All statues too that stand in temples and in shrines.” A thorough reading of this passage – the reader will conclude that the Kemet’s misfortune is caused by neglecting the past.

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