Dynamic text updating cs5

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At a base level, your computer includes a code page that defines the character encoding supported for displaying languages.Code pages are operating system specific: CP1252 on Western Windows, Mac Roman on Western Mac, and so on…While the code page supplied with an operating system should be able to support the locale of the computer configuration, it generally cannot support a full range of languages consistently. Unicode is the computer industry standard for representing text developed by the Unicode Consortium.as he demonstrates how to create a 15-second promotional video that looks and feels like a professional advertisement.Learn how to use a combination of CINEMA 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to go from concept to script to screen, creating sketches, adding animation, and rendering the final promo.The Text Layout Framework—combined with the Strings panel and the range of options available in Action Script—enable Flash developers to build content that can be localized to different languages.

This approach allows you to access text content for multiple languages as the same time.

It's necessary to use Action Script any time you want to switch between languages at runtime or show text from multiple languages side by side.

For example, let's say that you're creating a linguistics training application that needs to display English, Spanish, and French at the same time in the user interface.

That is, the text should be supplied to the text field from an outside source—usually a text file or an XML file.

This allows the text to be changed externally without having to edit the Flash source file.

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