Dating hamlet book summary

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Back in the court of Denmark, we see Gertrude speaking with a gentleman who explains that Ophelia has gone mad.She is rambling nonsensically about her father and insisting on seeing Gertrude.He says that he did not try Hamlet for two reasons, first, because his mother loves him so much, and second, because the people of Denmark are supporters of Hamlet.A messenger arrives and delivers a letter to Claudius, who is greatly surprised to learn that the letter comes from Hamlet.Hamlet resolves to recast his mind to bloody thoughts.Ironically, however, just after making this resolution he continues on toward England, leaving Denmark behind him.

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He says that Laertes has come from France, egged on by people who see the court as responsible for Polonius’ death.Claudius is greatly distracted by the death of Polonius and the attempt to find the body. Claudius questions Hamlet as to where he has taken Polonius.After some morbidly humorous replies, Hamlet reveals that he hid Polonius “up the stairs into the lobby.” The king sends attendants to find the body.Just as Claudius is about to explain what he means, Ophelia enters again, bearing a bundle of flowers.The sight of his insane sister deeply grieves Laertes.

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