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The second video of the new series, by the name "Game Exchange: Japanese Culture in Kirby, Mario, and Zelda", was uploaded on July 5, 2012, three days after the first one.On August 30, 2012, another You Tuber from the convention by the username Digressing NSQ, whose real name is Ronnie "Oni" Edwards, uploaded a video on Mat Pat's channel called "Hit Points and Health Bars, Digressing and Sidequesting".He graduated valedictorian in high school and went to Duke University, where he met Stephanie in a game programming class.Mat Pat had some decent success as a stage actor but quit as he and Stephanie were financially struggling and had no luck getting a new job.For the next two years, Mat Pat sent out requests for different jobs such as a television producer, programmer, and a movie director, only to receive no responses.Matthew decided to create his own web series that used science, history, and philosophy to discuss popular video games.

The Film Theorists, his spin-off second channel, is where he hosts Film Theory, a Game Theory spin-off focusing instead on cinema and television.

Mat Pat often collaborates with other You Tubers who use his channels as a platform for their videos.

Such You Tubers include Gaijin Goombah, Ronnie Edwards, Trailer Drake, Footofa Ferret, and many others whose series have become staples of Mat Pat's channels.

He gained an interest in Ronnie's talent and offered to promote his internet show, Digressing and Sidequesting, by allowing Ronnie to move the series to Mat Pat's channel, which Ronnie accepted.

Many videos later, a fellow Ohioan hired him as a You Tube audience development consultant to build fanbases for new Youtubers.

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