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Of course, I could easily have asked him, but I honestly didn't know if he viewed me as a potential romantic interest or just as a friend, and I didn't want to come on strong either way.

I took the backseat, waited for him to come around, and he eventually did.

Beth comes from a rough house, her dad is an alcoholic and used to verbally abuse her and her mom.

She finally moved out after her dad broke her mom's nose.

She pretty much told him that hanging out with a group like that will get him no where (not only do they not work or go to school, but they're also Nazis) and now he's even more pissed and won't speak to me or her anymore.

Was I wrong to tell my mom about this and for us to judge? She had always been weird, but not the crazy kind of weird.

So there I was, fapping away until to my horror her face is shown and it's my own mother. I scrolled down to see the uploaded and there's atleast 30 other videos with different men. He works at a firm now, and he's doing really well for himself. I was a singer in the jazz band that the bridge and groom had hired for the reception. He was easily the best looking guy there, and he was quite charming and funny when we started talking.Then, he waited five more dates to kiss me for the first time.Doesn't sound like a lot but it certainly felt that way.Anyway, I posted a message on Facebook asking for prayers/ good vibes for a really important test.After the test Beth and I were going to hangout at my house.

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