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He was indeed a larger-than-life character who, in latter life, enjoyed his horsing activities both in Scotland and in the USA.

He was the Instructor, and my very able 'right hand man' when I was the Course Officer for the 1968 LMCDO and OLMCDO courses; a modest man, but a very fine CPO and instructor who should (as I am sure I told him) have become an SD Officer.

He allowed us leeway and found answers to all the endless questions about the Branch, diving rules and regs. He was the one who said, If you catch it you have to eat it", and we ate it raw or cooked. I met Dutchy on occasion in the years that followed and continued to enjoy his zest for life and friendship. With best wishes, Tim" From MCDOA member Bill 'Chippy' Norton: "Hi Rob, Thanks for the sad news about Dutchy.

He was only slightly put out when we were all thrown out of the B & B in Falmouth for disorderly behaviour, boiling crab in the bedrooms and allegedly sneaking a girl into a room overnight (and not paying for her! I knew that he had been unwell but not of the seriousness of his illness.

With the spread of offshore operations worldwide, the principles he established in those pioneering days are continuing to contribute to the safety of manned subsea operations and are, in my opinion, a wonderful legacy. Sincerely, Bill" From former FCPO(D) David 'Mona' Lott BEM: "Gday Rob, Yet another mate to mourn.

Many thanks for the advanced notification of the sad loss of yet another Good Bloke.

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