Bottom dating a bottom

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Before I found my husband, I relate to the original post.

And he was from Greece.[quote]If I meet a guy and want to go home with him, how do I politely say what I want without appearing crude? Since, as you stated, the odds are heavily in your favor, just take a hot guy home and bring it up there.

I'm not talking about exceptions to a rule -- I don't even think you have a rule.

What if we prefer synechdoche over political correctness for shorthand without believing we've violated anybody's human rights, r126?

I'm a top who is looking for a bottom but it always seem to go wrong. My boyfriend of three years is a bottom and I love him more than anything. and if you didn't, you sometimes ended up in awkward situations."Oh, so you're a top too? When we finally revealed and I won, he explained his rule to me.

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Whether it's true or not, there's a widely held opinion that there are more gay bottoms than tops (this doesn't account for versatiles, of course), which makes bottoms more competitive while tops can hang back and have their pick.Or you could just go online where it seems different rules apply and everyone tells what they want sexually pre-hook up.Still, isn't it more fun to meet someone, seduce them and see where it goes.I never used to get much from blow-jobs and wasn't interested.However, to put it bluntly, my partner does it in a way that blows my mind and he could suck me all day.

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