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Dennis Hopper deep-breathing into a gas mask doesn't have to make sense, it just does. Because there’s nothing like troglodytes with a hunger for human flesh to vindicate the way of the gun.

Touting a cannon of a six-shooter and a mustache to match, Russell’s no-bullshit sheriff leads a band of stand-up dudes into enemy territory. As Bradley Thomas, a bald-headed ex-con who gets sent to jail after a series of semi-tragic criminal mishaps, Vaughn fills the frame with his body, occasionally contorting his limbs for comedy but mostly thrusting them at his enemies in the movie's patiently filmed, incredibly graphic action set-pieces.

The result is a well-paced noir tale, equal parts frustrating and fascinating, that still lives up to its reputation.

If you think domestic surveillance is spooky, imagine how it feels for the guy on the other end of the microphone.

You'll return to this movie with the same intensity.

David Lynch's twitchy riff on film noir is the link between our reality and our dreams, each frame zooming in on the drips of suburbia melting into hell.

films are all about putting his hapless character Chev Chelios in humiliating positions: the guy gets beat up worse than Wile E. In this one, his heart has been replaced with a battery and he needs to keep it charged -- or die trying.But there's a still an emotional brutality to this New York story, which unfolds through artfully staged set-pieces and carefully worded conversations.Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Newland Archer, a wealthy lawyer who finds himself obsessing over Michelle Pfeiffer's Countess Ellen Olenska when he's supposed to marry Winona Ryder's May Welland, and he gives a performance of startling psychological depth.The dynamic that emerges between minor-league veteran "Crash" Davis (Kevin Costner), wide-eyed newbie "Nuke" La Loosh (Tim Robbins), and sworn believer in the "Church of Baseball" Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon) is trickier and more rewarding than your average love triangle.Shelton's movie is a curveball you can't quite get a handle on.

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