Accommodating pedestrians

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This session will describe the specific challenges pedestrians with vision disabilities face when navigating shared streets and the strategies they employ, and discusses ideas on how accessibility for pedestrians with vision disabilities can be addressed in the planning and design process. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released a report that provides an overview of practices and considerations for accommodating pedestrians with vision disabilities on shared streets, which are streets in which pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles intentionally mix together.The Federal Highway Administration’s Work Zone Management Team conducted a webinar on September 5, 2018 to share information on resources developed under the Work Zone Safety Grant Program on Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones.This webinar featured information about two Pedestrian Accommodation guidance documents and two Pedestrian Accommodation training courses.ODOT Making Changes After Eighth Crashes off I-270 Presentation available at Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones Webinar Compliance Crash Testing of the Type 60 Median Barrier Automated Detection of Workers and Heavy Equipment on Construction Sites: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manual 2: Safer Road Works Modeling and Predicting Stochastic Merging Behaviors at Freeway On-Ramp Bottlenecks On the Impact of Connected Automated Vehicles in Freeway Work Zones: A Cooperative Cellular Automata Model Based Approach Evaluation of Green Lights on TMAs Oklahoma DOT Pilot Tests Dedicated Work Zone ‘Rescue Trucks’ NYSDOT Urge Caution After 2017 Saw Nearly 700 Work Zone Crashes MD Drivers Finally Heed Work Zone Speed Cameras: AAA Union Street Railroad Bridge Turns Orange, Reminds Travelers to Watch for Road Workers Exploring the Effects of the Location of the Lane-End Sign and Traffic Volume on Multistage Lane-Changing Behaviors in Work Zone Areas: A Driving Simulator-Based Study Work Zones and Temporary Traffic Organization at Roundabout – Review of Selected Solutions A Study of Differences in Severity Among Crash Types in Work Zones and Between Work Zone and Non-Work Zone Crashes in Alabama Effectiveness of Stationary Police Vehicles with Blue Lights in Freeway Work Zones National Work Zone Awareness Week 2019 ODOT to Keep Traffic on the ‘GO’ in I-235 Work Zone with New Program available at Other Work Zone Crash Related Resources Improving Work Zones Every Day, in Every Way Development of an Io T-Based Construction Site Safety Management System Modeling Framework to Identify an Affected Area for Developing Traffic Management Strategies Effect of Road Construction Projects on Travel Time Reliability Fatal Injuries at Road Construction Sites Among Construction Workers Using Drones to Monitor Construction Safety 2017 Wisconsin Highway Maintenance Workforce Survey Transportation Maintenance Operations Workforce Development: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions Rise in DOT Work Zone Injuries Triggers New Safety Campaign Investigation of Flashing and Intensity Characteristics for Vehicle-Mounted Warning Beacons Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones Webinar – September 5, 2018 Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from On-Road Vehicles on Highway Construction Work Zones Driving Risk Assessment in Work Zones Using Cloud Model Review of Literature and Maintenance Practices at State Transportation Agencies Causes and Effects of Accidents on Construction Site Connected Vehicle Data-Based Tools for Work Zone Active Traffic Management An Analysis of Highway Work Zone Safety Practices in Pakistan Study on the Day-Based Work Zone Scheduling Problem in Urban Road Networks Based on the Day-to-Day Traffic Assignment Model INDOT Adjusts Traffic Lights to Ease Gridlock in Downtown Indy Because of I-65 Construction NC Vision Zero Initiative 508 compliant version of the presentation along with instructor notes available at Work Zone Crash Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Webinar Merging Vehicles and Lane Speed-Flow Relationship in a Work Zone Modeling Highway Performance Under Various Short-Term Work Zone Configurations Minnesota Flagging Handbook Highway Workers Have Dangerous Jobs Fixing Roads Part of I-40 Named in Honor of Late TDOT Worker New Jersey Store Owner Writes Snarky Sign in Response to Ongoing Road Construction Practices in One-Lane Traffic Control on a Two-Lane Rural Highway: A Synthesis of Highway Practice Iowa Work Zones are Getting Smarter Analytical Methods for Work Zone Travel Time Reliability Managing Public Communication Strategies in Accelerated Highway Construction Projects Model and Simulation of the Heterogeneous Traffic Flow of the Urban Signalized Intersection With an Island Work Zone CDOT Offers Travelers New Tool to Avoid Delays by Searching for Road Work on their Routes Over Half of Highway Contractors Experience Work Zone Crashes, AGC Survey Finds Time-varying Mixed Logit Model for Vehicle Merging Behavior in Work Zone Merging Areas Traffic Flow Modeling of Diverse Work Zone Activities Predicting Stress among Pedestrian Traffic Workers Using Physiological and Situational Measures Predicting Traffic Dynamics with Driver Response Model for Proactive Variable Speed Limit Control Algorithm NTSB’s and a canned query for work zone related Highway Accident Reports available at Other Work Zone Crash Related Resources Texas – I-35 Connected Work Zone Workshop Theory of Safety Surrogates Using Vehicle Trajectories in Macroscopic and Microscopic Settings: Application to Dynamic Message Signs Controlled Traffic at Work Zones Work Zone Intrusion Report Interface Design Application of Li DAR and Connected Vehicle Data to Evaluate the Impact of Work Zone Geometry on Freeway Traffic Operations Statewide Data Management Best Practices for Work Zone Information Capacity Models for Long-Term and Short-Term Freeway Work Zones in Germany Variations in Driver Behavior: An Analysis of Car-Following Behavior Heterogeneity as a Function of Road Type and Traffic Condition Effective Post Construction Evaluation Practices for Work Zone Management Strategies Risk Factors Affecting Crash Injury Severity by Work Zone Area Effects of Mounting Height, Offset Distance, and Number of Light Towers on Drivers’ Visual Performance and Discomfort Glare in Work Zones Reducing Highway Construction Fatalities Through Improved Adoption of Safety Technologies Semantic Enrichment of Spatio-temporal Trajectories for Worker Safety on Construction Sites 1657c Reliable Risk Perception for Promoting Prevention at Construction Sites Towards Improving Safety Performance of Transportation Maintenance Workers Through a Pre-Task Safety Talk Program Illumination and Visibility of Workers in Nighttime Highway Work Zones Temporary Construction Signage: Driver Preferences for Work Zone Safety The Last Mile: Safety Management Implementation in Construction Sites Development of a Predictive Safety Control Algorithm Using Laser Scanners for Excavators on Construction Sites Work Zone Intrusion: Technology to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities Surrogate Safety Assessment of Work Zone Rear-End Collisions in a Connected Vehicle Environment: Agent-Based Modeling Framework County Calls for Protection of Highway Workers Drivers Caught Going Wrong Way, Ignoring Signs in Construction Zone Trench Safety Stand Down Breakfast – June 20, 2018 available at Toolbox & Toolbox Talks Speeding in Highway Work Zone: An Evaluation of Methods of Speed Control Work Zone Free Flow Speed Calculation Issues in HCM 2016 Micro-Level Analysis on Traffic Flow Parameters at Work-Zone Road Section Using Vehicular Trajectory Data OSHA 10 & 30-Hour Courses Changed to Meet Safety Objectives New TDOT Flagger Signs Hope To Improve Work Zone Safety Orange Work Zone Pavement Marking Midwest Field Test Impact on Traffic flow Due to Construction on Roadside: A Case Study of Thaltej Gam to Vijay Cross Road Impact Assessment of Short-Term Work Zones on Intersection Capacity in New York City Validating the Performance of the FHWA Work Zone Model Version 1.0: A Case Study Along I-91 in Springfield, Massachusetts Orange Work Zone Pavement Marking Midwest Field Test Behavioral Measures for 48 Participants in Work-Zone Messaging Driving Simulation Study Collected in 2016 at the University of Minnesota Student Work Safety Guidelines in Roadside Applications and Work Zones: Safety Guidelines for Transportation Researchers Use of Additional Lighting for Traffic Control and Speed Reduction in Work Zones Developing a Pre-Task Safety Briefing Tool for Kentucky Maintenance Personnel Closed-Course Performance Testing of a Work Zone Intrusion Alarm System Characterizing the Impact of Nighttime Construction on Traffic-Related Emissions Webinar presentation and recording available at Connected Vehicle Work Zone Pilot & Work Zone Monitoring Tools Analysis of the Sensitivity of Heart Rate Variability and Subjective Workload Measures in a Driving Simulator: The Case of Highway Work Zones A Review: Traffic Management near & at Work Zone Understanding Traffic Flow Characteristics and Capacity of Linear Multi-work Zones on the Urban Arterial Road Driver Comprehension of Lane Reduction Signage: Alternatives to the MUTCD W4-2 for Work Zones Influencing Speed Behaviour at Highway Work Zones Using In-car Speed Limits and Warnings Model and Simulation of the Traffic of the Urban Signalized Intersection with Island Work Zone Assessing Driver Understanding and Responses to a Visual and Audible Work Zone Intrusion Alarm System FHWA and Partners Launch National Work Zone Awareness Week for 2018 Mn DOT to Honor Fallen, Injured Transportation Workers Amtrak Didn’t Heed Work-Zone Speed Advice Before Fatal Crash Updating the Lane Closure Guide for Urban Highways in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area Colorado DOT Employee’s Work Zone Death Highlights Risks in Basic Road Repairs Decision Tree to Identify Potential ITS/IWZ Scoping Needs Don’t Rely on Backup Alarms to Stop Backovers Work Zone Data Collection — Grant Course Work Zone Road Safety Audits — Grant Course Helping Save Lives Through a Website Resource Designing Temporary Traffic Control Zones for Pedestrian Accessibility — Grant Course Developing and Implementing Successful Transportation Management Plans — Grant Course Smarter Work Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems — Grant Course Temporary Traffic Control Considerations for Urban Work Zones — Grant Course Traffic Control Design Specialist — Grant Course The following are available at National Work Zone Awareness Week: Installing and Maintaining Crashworthy Work Zone Traffic Control Devices Work Zone ITS Implementation Tool v1.0 Crashworthy Work Zone Traffic Control Devices 2018 National Work Zone Awareness Week: “Expect the Unexpected” in Roadway Construction Work Zones, ARTBA Says The following are available at National Work Zone Awareness Week: Infographics for the National Campaign to Prevent Construction Falls Webinar presentation and recording available at The National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction: Getting Ready for the 2018 Safety Stand-Down Course presentation and recordings available at Construction Site Safety in Work Zones — Grant Understanding the Impacts of Work Zone Activities on Traffic Flow Characteristics The following is available at National Work Zone Awareness Week: Evaluation of Work Zone Split Traffic Symbol Sign M-DOT Issues Road Construction Map Digital Message Signs Being Installed Throughout Interstate 75 A Particle Swarm Optimization Framework for Calibration of Driver Behavior Models at a Work Zone Analysis of Work Zone Crash Reports to Determine Factors Associated with Crash Severity Impact of Temporary Portable Work Zone and Personal Lighting on Vehicle Speeds in Nighttime Highway Preservation Projects Impacts of Work Zone Configurations on Passenger-Car Crash Injury Severities Evaluating Work Zone Intrusion Alert Technology: Recommendation for Future Development Determination of Optimal Intensities and Periods for Vehicle-Mounted Warning Lights Using Field Experiments Work Zone Injuries and Injury/Property-Damage Only Crashes 508 compliant version available at A Guide to Urban Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control A Work Zone Simulation Model for Travel Time Prediction in a Connected Vehicle Environment Work Zone Safety Sign Package Program Winners Webinar recording available at Work Zone Crash Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Webinar Webinar: Advancing Transportation Operations Programs Using Capability Maturity Frameworks Including a Work Zone Management Case Study Webinar: Connected Vehicle Work Zone Pilot & Work Zone Monitoring Tools Optimization of Work Zone Segments on Urban Roads Using Cellular Automata Model in Mixed Traffic Use of Portable and Dynamic Variable Speed Limits in Construction Zones Development of Transition Between Free-Standing and Reduced-Deflection Portable Concrete Barriers Temporary Traffic Control Strategy Optimization for Urban Freeways Impact Analysis of Temporary Traffic Control Design in Planning Construction for Transportation Infrastructure Expansion: the Contractor’s Perspective A Tri-Objective Ant Colony Optimization Based Model for Planning Safe Construction Site Layout Va.Senate Backs Bill Putting Handheld Speed Cameras Around Work Zones Novel Method of Obtaining Critical Parameter in Safety Assessment for Maintenance Work Zone Effects of Roadway Factors and Demographic Characteristics on Drivers’ Perceived Complexity of Simulated Roadway Videos 508 compliant version available at A Guide to Short Term, Short Duration, and Mobile Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control available at National Work Zone Awareness Week Analysis of Work Zone Crash Characteristics and Countermeasures Estimating the Safety Effects of Work Zone Characteristics and Countermeasures: A Guidebook Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse The following Electrical Safety toolbox talks developed under OSHA’s Focus 4 campaign are available at Toolbox & Toolbox Talks: available at SWZ: Technology Applications: Deployment Plans and Bid Specifications Assessment of Work Zone Safety A Deep Learning Approach to Predict Severity Levels of Work Zone Crashes Lawton Citizen Concerned by Construction Zone Speeders Soon, You May See ‘Robots at Work’ During Construction of National Highways Speed Camera on Beltway Generates Huge Number of Tickets Trucking Official: Better I-75 Warning Signs Needed Variable Speed Limits Ease Congestion, Reduce Crashes on Highways: Study The following are available at National Work Zone Awareness Week: Locating Roadworks Sites via Detecting Change in Lateral Positions of Traffic Signs Measured Relative to the Ego-Car Evaluation of Work Zone Crashes in California 508 compliant version available at Driving Safely in and Around Work Zones An Io T-based Autonomous System for Workers’ Safety in Construction Sites with Real-Time Alarming, Monitoring, and Positioning Strategies System to Provide Data on Risky Work-Zone Incidents TTI, ARTBA Celebrate 20 Years of the Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse Iowa Highway Deaths Down Overall, But not in Work Zones Temporary Traffic Control Considerations for Urban Work Zones Washington State FIT Submit a Campaign Program Form available at National Work Zone Awareness Week Zip Recruiter available at Job Resources 508 compliant version available at Development and Application of Work Zone Crash Modification Factors Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones Multicontextual Machine-Learning Approach to Modeling Traffic Impact of Urban Highway Work Zones Time-Dependent Transportation Network Design Considering Construction Impact You are Where?While some local and regional jurisdictions have already developed interchange design guidance to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, currently a collection of best practices is not available in the U. These workshops focused on the following types and aspects of interchanges: The purpose of this report and webinar is to summarize the recommendations from these workshops to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and accommodation at interchanges.

It is a truss bridge, but using an inverted bowstring truss similar to that of a suspension bridge.

It was completed in 1872 only after the passage of special legislation by the Ohio General Assembly allowing a partnership with a private investor, whiskey tycoon David Rohrer.

In exchange for providing financing to allow the completion of the project, Mr.

Woman Charged with Intentionally Hitting Road Worker with Car Analysis of Passenger-Car Crash Injury Severity in Different Work Zone Configurations Narrow Lanes and Their Effect on Drivers’ Behaviour at Motorway Roadworks UPDATED – Moveable Barriers Clearinghouse Newsletter — December 2017 Development of a Precast Slim Temporary Concrete Safety Barrier STCSB 50 for Work Zone Applications Modeling Vehicle Merging Behavior in Work Zone Merging Areas During the Merging Implementation Period Challenges in Ensuring Worker Safety in Active Roadway Work Zones Free Apps to Help Improve Worker Safety and Health Proposed Bill Would Give Mass DOT Power to Enforce Speed Limits for Road Work Areas Protecting Workers with Smart E-Vest Freeway Work Zone Free-Flow Speed Model Development Using Binary Logistic Regression to Explain the Impact of Accident Factors on Work Zone Crashes Effectiveness of VSL Signs in Reducing Crash Rates on Roadway Construction Work Zones in Alaska Busy Year for Iowa Road Construction Nears End with ‘Way Too Many’ Deaths in Work Zones Smart Vehicles Could Mean Safer Work Zones Lithuania Zero Traffic Accidents at Road Work Zones Still a Challenge Can Self-Driving Equipment Make Work Zones Safer?

The Fire Engine House was erected in 1858 after the original fire house was itself destroyed by a fire.

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