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As many of you know, Harley's the founder of the NYC hardcore band, , and is working on a new CD (which I’m financing) that'll be out soon. But that's a story for another time, so let's get back to the conversation I had with Harley: while Harley likes my DVD, he thinks I'm missing the mainstream market with my personality and teaching style.

He didn't insult my approach, just stated that it's hardcore and intimidating to a lot of people.

Gandhi refused to move from his seat on a train and as a result was literally thrown off the train.

He went from being a lawyer focused on making money to becoming arguably the greatest human rights leader of all time.

The best job possible comes from being genuine, and in the moment, rather than being focused on approval from others.

The problem with always accommodating the needs of others is you stop taking risks, and begin to live your life like a spineless politician who has to take a poll before any decision.

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If not, you're just being accommodating."- Rocco Deluca A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend, Harley Flanagan, about my latest kettlebell DVD on fat loss.

From an early age we're taught to accommodate others at the expense of ourselves.

Sure, some accommodation is necessary and we can't always have things our way, but letting others walk all over us and decide how have to explain your actions to others nor get their approval. Well, they weren't going to like you anyway so it's not a big deal.

It was irritating and disrespectful, to say the least.

Finally, I suggested that I either switch seats with one of them or they respect my personal space and stop passing things over me and talking over me.

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